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  • Missing Advanced Stop Line in Kew

    Created by Tom B // 2 threads

    Previously, there was an Advanced Stop Line on Kew Gardens Road (B353) where it joins Kew Road (A307). The junction was recently resurfaced, which removed the ASL markings, and they have not been replaced. I have attached a Google Streetview photo showing the ASL that was previously present.

    The ASL marking was very useful, as the junction can become gridlocked in rush hour, so that only cycles can take advantage of the green signal from Kew Gardens Road without blocking the junction. Cyclists therefore need the space to be able to safely wait at the front of the queue.

    It would be great if the ASL markings could be restored as soon as possible. If they have been removed for a reason, then I would like to understand what the justification is.

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  • Upper Richmond Rd West - LCN Signage

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 0 threads

    LCN 37 provides a quiet route from Upper Richmond Rd West to Sheen, Mortlake & Barnes. To follow it eastbound the sign post for the left turn into Denehurst Gardens is located high up on the opposite carriageway - see top right in the photo. This is a completely obscure sign that 99% of cyclists will miss.

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